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Dear Therapist: My Hubby Keeps Texting With a lady Buddy

Dear Therapist: My Hubby Keeps Texting With a lady Buddy

Hes lying about this, too. Exactly Just Exactly What do I need to do?

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Dear Therapist,

Recently I unearthed that my hubby and a feminine colleague of their have texting streak heading back so far as 2016. I came across this out whenever I saw their phone. While theres absolutely nothing sexual inside their communications, in which he assures me personally they’ve been just buddies, We have over and over expressed my discomfort and displeasure in regards to the situation. I have additionally over and over over over repeatedly expected because of this behavior to cease. He lies and informs me they no further text, until he gets caught red-handed once more.

We’ve been seeing a wedding therapist regarding this as well as other dilemmas. He has got lied to your therapist about their texting relationship along with his colleague. Interestingly, while Ive known she exists as their colleague, he has got never ever introduced us to her also though i am aware most of their other work friends.

He informs me we am overreacting and that i ought to get over it. I will be considering isolating from him if their behavior does stop nt. just What would you recommend?


Dear Anonymous,

Listed below are two various ways to have a look at your circumstances:

1) Your spouse is a no-good liar and you really need to keep him.

2) You two have to have a various discussion, one which doesnt include presumptions and ultimatums.

I want to say upfront that exactly what Im going to recommend in no means condones your husbands dishonesty; lies chip away at trust, ultimately eroding it completely. But just what my recommendation might do is allow you to see another method to move through this impasse and realize it better before you will be making any decisions regarding your wedding.

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