Name: 69ème régiment d'infanterie
Period: Napoleonic and First World War
Nation represented: France
We recreate two periods of the history of the 69ème Regiment Infanterie de Ligne: We accurately portray the 3e batallion, cie de Voltigeurs of the period 1813-1815. Inspired by the memoires amongst others of Capitaine Marcel and his company of seasoned voltigeurs. From the frozen plains of central Europe, across the hot dry fields of the Peninsular to the muddy river banks around Ligny and Wavre, we faithfully recreate l’esprit du corps d’une compagnie d’elite de voltigeurs qui possedait un elan hors du commun.

For the Great War, we have recreated a machine gun section of the 69. R.I. Aided greatly by original images of the men in the field and training, for the period 1916-1918.


Name: Hoplite Association
Period: Ancient Greece
Nation represented: Greece (plus allies and enemies)
A living history group dedicated to recreating the life and experiences of the Classical Greek period.

Name: Worcester Militia
Period: English Civil War
Nation represented: England
The Worcester Militia has been set up to portray the "home guard" of the Civil War era for the City of Worcester. Every city had its militia. They weren't full-time soldiers but local people given rudimentary training in weapons drill who could take arms to defend the city if necessary.
We invite anyone interested in trying out re-enactment, especially Civil War re-enactment, to come along and give it a try. As we portray a militia, nobody is expected to be particularly good at it. In fact we place a lot more emphasis on having a good time in a historical context, and by doing so share our knowledge of the Civil War period in Worcester.
All members of Worcester Re-enactors get to take part. All members of the Militia join Worcester Re-enactors. Your £5 annual membership thus covers insurance costs.
Kit is provided at first, and you are encouraged and helped to equip yourself as and when you are able.
Worcester Militia is based at the Commandery and is mostly involved in events there throughout the year like St. George's Day, Oak Apple Day and the commemoration of the Battle of Worcester itself.

Name: 45ème de ligne
Period: Napoleonic Wars
Nation represented: France
A French Infantry reenactment group, based in the UK, portraying the lives of soldiers, NCOs, Officers and their ladies together with camp followers, including Cantinieres and Vivandieres, during the height of Empire (1805-1809) within the Napoleonic Wars.

We recreate the lives of the period both within living history encampments and on the battlefield. We can fight in full dress uniform or in campaign dress. Off the field of battle we re-enact life in an authentic camp. Within our ranks we have roles for all family members and new members are always welcome. If you have ever wondered what it was like to march under the gaze of Napoleon; face a British or Allied line; form square against cavalry; or to reenact life of the period then come and join us.

Name: The Coldstream Guards 1815
Period: Napoleonic Wars
Nation represented: England
A Military and Living History Society representing the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards as they would have appeared during the Napoleonic wars.

Name:FJR5 Fallschirmjäger
Nation represented:Germany
As a re-enactment group it is essential for us to stress that we are not a political group nor are we a para-military organization. Our goal is to promote awareness and understanding on the part of the public. These elements being the world history from 1939-1945; specifically the military history of WWII, through the staging of public displays and re-enactments of typical battles fought between the Allied and Axis forces in WWII.