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Karno Energy – Electrical Engineering Consultants

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Our Karno Energy electrical engineers work in Revit and create an electrical model that includes the assembly of cabinets, switchboards, control boards, switchgear, bus lines and cable trays.

We at https://karnoenergy.com/electrical-engineering/ can provide you with lighting design and lamp calculations. Based on a 3D Revit model, our specialists can perform exterior and interior lighting planning. It helps to plan, calculate and visualize the clearance of interior and exterior spaces. Our engineers at Karno Energy can also develop lighting schematics and single line diagrams.

On the electrical side, our engineers at Karno Energy are happy to help you with system sizing, network analysis and load distribution analysis. For the purposes of your project, you can create lighting layout and electrical overview diagrams.

Projects: commercial and service buildings, industrial plants and facilities, large-scale and energy projects, renewable energy projects, etc.

Karno Energy Services:

  • BIM electrical modeling
  • Planning of interior and exterior lighting (including emergency lighting system planning)
  • Single line diagrams for low and medium voltage, system, product and material lists
  • Power supply and substation planning
  • Planning for the back-up supply of low-voltage systems.
  • Design of lightning protection and earthing systems
  • Alternative energy projects: solar, wind, and biogas plants
  • MSR Planning


  • BIM electrical engineering
  • Network and load flow analysis
  • EMG / UPS sizing
  • Transformer sizing
  • Calculation of indoor/outdoor lighting levels
  • Earthing and lightning protection calculations
  • Medium / low voltage cables
  • cable list
  • Control cabinet layout
  • Specifications for systems, products and materials

Karno Energy – BIM and electrical engineering: important connections

Construction technology is changing. Digitization and BIM have put working methods to the test. What does it take today to effectively plan building automation, electrical circuits, and control cabinets?

Successful design requires collaboration. Karno Energy’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one way to address the current challenges of the construction industry. In this integrated, model-based process, an interdisciplinary, three-dimensional building model is at the center as a source of information and is continually updated with data throughout the project. The standardization of data structures and element descriptions is the basis for creating the best possible integration into existing IT infrastructures and processes. Only in this way can all project participants jointly benefit from the BIM method. Karno Energy offers know-how and relevant solutions – after all, these are the benefits of the Karno Energy integrated platform. which is used in industrial automation, has already been used by numerous customers in the field of construction engineering.

Karno Energy – BIM brings disciplines together and integrates electrical engineering

What is the greatest added value of using the Karno Energy BIM method in construction technology? Checking for collisions between architectural, load-bearing and technical elements of TGA (denotes technical building equipment) will help avoid unpleasant surprises on the construction site. Information about building technology components as well as other disciplines is entered depending on the maintenance phases. Thus, the exact status quo can be determined at any point in the life cycle of the project. The question arises, what information does the Karno Energy BIM model contain in relation to electrical engineering? The answer is simple: on the one hand, it is the classic installation technology, i.e. switches, sockets, lights, cable runs, etc. D. In this context, it is also possible to model routing routes and niches. On the other hand, building automation information is included. Everything can then be comprehensively evaluated, analyzed and made available to other programs.

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