Information for re-enactors

Information for re-enactors

Information for LHIW 2022

Dates: 12th and 13th February

LHIW22 Show Co-ordinator

Mike Bentley

Assistant LHIW22 Show Co-ordinator

Roger Fairman

Venue: Greyfriars

Period: Tudor

W.R.Event Officer: Sharon Lippett Greyfriars open 10.30hrs - 16.30hrs both days. Any ECW or Tudor types that can't fit into, or don't want to be based at either Greyfriars and Tudor House to contact Mike Bentley for space at The Commandery.

Venue: Tudor House

Period: E.C.W

W.R.Event Officer: Paul Stanley

REENACTORS INFO. Nearest car par for all day parking at St.Martins Gate multi storey at end of City Walls Road. All participants are kindly asked to bring some 'simple food stuffs', cordials or weak ale/beer for liquid refreshment, so that we (c17th) can have a bit of a gathering/break at around lunchtime but all still be on site. This maybe two separate sittings depending on attendance numbers (probably between 1230-2.00). Food required for both days:(?)..Rustic style bread/loaves, butter, cheeses, cold meats, pickles, suitable fruits, plus any other bits you might want like olives, figs, almonds, salat. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the sort of thing re food we usually do at LH events. Also please try to bring suitable period style eating sets/drinking vessels (I hate seeing disposable paper/plastic items around LH sites!). In the week leading up to LHIW, participants please post on the WR Facebook page or email Paul Stanley what foods etc they intend to bring to help everyone else decide what to bring, and also to confirm which days they will be there at Tudor House. We will / can decide how many or what little 10-15 minute scenarios we can play out each day depending on the participants who are on site. UPDATE 23.1.22 Saturday’s unloading/ drop off/ opening time at Tudor House is 08.35/08.40 onwards. Firers to contact Paul Connell (message him via Facebook) for a form re powder issue etc. Powder issue and live firing to take place only at Commandery. There MAY, be a service for reenactors (c17th especially), at Worcester Cathedral on the Saturday at 13.30 in remembrance of Duke of Hamilton, (be available at Tudor House from 13.10 if you wish to participate) TBC. Awaiting confirmation from cathedral on this. Closest all day parking is at St. Martin’s Gate multi storey car park (off City Walls Road roundabout). There is/was, talk of an evening ‘party’ with free pizza at Bull Baiters pub in St. John’s. Can Tudor House participants let me have their name and email addresses please. Thank you, regards Paul S.

Venue: Commandery

Period: All others

W.R.Event Officer: Richard Delingpole

All enquiries for other venues to W.R.Chair Mike Bentley


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