Worcester Militia represent the “Home Guard” of the city of Worcester during the Civil War period. As seventeenth century civilians we practice military drill (we really need the practice… we’re not professional soldiers after all) but also cook, eat, drink, put on period plays and entertain and inform visitors to the Commandery.

The Worcester Militia is open to anyone who:

  • Wants to learn more about Worcester’s History
  • Wants to try living history and re-enactment with no pressure
  • Enjoys taking part in pageantry and ceremony
  • Wants to try something a bit different

Working from our base at the Commandery we help run living history weekends and mark important events like St. George’s Day, Oak Apple Day and the annual Commemoration of the Battle of Worcester.

There is kit to lend you when you’re starting out, although we can help to kit you out inexpensively. Families are welcome.

To find out more enquire at the Commandery or email