Wednesday Drinks are on hold for now

Wednesday 17th March 2020

New (but very old) Bull Baiters, St. John's

Now in its new (Medieval) location, Bull Baiters is our 3rd Wednesday of the week pub. Great and interesting choice of beers and ciders, available by the stick or pint.

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Tripel B - Belgian Pub

We've not been there before. Next to Oil Basin on Copenhagen Street. Lots of Belgian beers to choose from.

Wednesday 4th March 2020

The Cardinal's Hat

Our regular "First Wednesday of the month" pub. Usually in the snug bar, front right as you face the pub from New Street.s

Wednesday 4th March 2020

CANCELLED: The King Charles II

As most possible attendees will be from the St.John's side of the river, and access is restricted, tonights meeting is cancelled. Informal arrangements to meet somewhere in St.Johns are a possibility though.

Wednesday 12th February 2020

The New Inn

Down on Ombursley Road in Claines. Modern pub. Parking is available. WR3 7DH

Wednesday 29th January 2020

The Plough

Opposite the Glover's Needle. One of Worcester's best-loved real-ale pubs. A no-nonsense, no-tv, no-juke-box, old-fashioned pub full of characters... like us.

Wednesday 22nd January 2020

Arch Rivals

New(ish) micro pub in the arches by Roger's Shiny Library.

Wednesday 11th December 2019

The Wheatsheaf

In St. John's, overlooking the river. A hasty decision (thus the late entry) as we're not sure a pub was chosen last week. But it's a nice pu and there are usually some good guest ales too.

Wednesday 27th November 2019

The Lyppard Grange, Warndon

It's the pub I first met Worcester Re-enactors 18 years ago. It's over in Warndon, does good food and is actually more welcoming of re-enactors than you might think. WR4 0DZ O

Wednesday 13th November 2019

The Bell at St. John's

In the middle of St. John's, opposite the church. Good ales and we usually get the larger of the two snugs to ourselves. Can't say much fairer than that. We were last here in June 2018.

Wednesday 30th October 2019

The Alma Tavern, Barbourne

Recently re-opened and on good form by all accounts. This locals' pub has fitted the WR requirements list for many years and now is a chance to pay it a visit.

BATH Night Special. Full kit night.

23rd October 2019

The Cardinal's Hat

It's BATH Night again when we celebrate Balaclava, Agincourt, Trafalgar and Halloween. All at once. Back at the old old favourite, The Cardinal's Hat, who are laying on some food. So get your kit on and get down there.

Wednesday 9th October 2019

The Farrier's Arms, Fish Street

Not been here for a while, but it's an old favourite of just about anyone who's ever been to pubs in Worcester. WR1 2HN

Wednesday 25th September 2019

Bear and Ragged Staff at Bransford

Not sure we've been there as a group before, little bit out of the city centre and known as a good food pub.

Wednesday 31st July 2019

The Huntsman

Green Street, Kempsey, WR5 3QB

Wednesday 10th July 2019

The Old Bush at Callow End

A little bit out of town in the quiet village of Callow End this is normally a pleasant garden experience.

Wednesday 26th June 2019

The Firefly

Down Lowesmoor, the Firefly is part hipster central and part Edwardian Gentlemen's club. They now have a vegan menu which will excite not many of you. Good interesting beers and plenty of nooks and corners in which to sit.

Wednesday 12th June 2109

The Mug House

Used to be Ian's favourite spot, but is also great for those who like their pubs on consecrated ground. As such it is quite rare. Bit of a trip out to Claines but worth it. Hook Norton beer.

Wednesday 29th May 2019

The Camp House Inn

The time has come again for our annual amble up the banks of the Severn to the lovely and quirky Camp Inn at Grimley. Meet at the Wheatsheaf from 7.00 for a quick livener then at 8.00 we walk together up to the camp to sample the cider and admire the peacocks.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019

The Dragon

On the Tything. Arguably the best real ale pub in Worcester. The beer really is superb.

Wednesday 20th March 2019

The Brewers Arms

Our St. John's regular "3rd Wednesday of the month" pub. A proper locals' pub. Does Wye Valley ale (Butty Bach and HPA) so we're happy. Also, the pork scratchings, sourced from a local butcher, are second to none. They look after us and we, in turn, drink their beer for them.

Wednesday 13th March 2019

The Old Greyhound

We've never been here before! Mark Harding has chosen and assures us of a warm welcome in this "under new management" pub a mere stone's throw from our dear Charles II, on New Street.

Wednesday 27th February 2019

The Swan with two nicks

Also known as the Duck, for obvious reasons and now apparently just called the Swan. Proper pub. Proper old. Good ales, sometimes cheap (not quack). The hangout of people too rock n roll to be next door in the King Charles and too old to be in Heroes.

Wednesday 13th February 2019

The Berkeley Arms

Hidden away in the back streets of St. Johns (not the one way out in Spetchley) - we've been there before, not hard to get to for the St. John's contingent, which is just about everyone these days.

Wednesday 30th January 2019

The Lamb and Flag

Now under new ownership by a craft brewery this compact and bijou haunt is a Worcester legend. Located on the Tything, easy to find. Utterly changed inside. Kind of a special "fifth Wednesday in a month" pub. Also a top restaurant so may be busy.

Wednesday 12th December 2018

The Bedwardine

Winner of the Worcester News Pub Of The Year, we haven't been to the Bedwardine for a while and are clearly missing out. Up there on Bromyard Road it's quite accessible for the St. John's brigade, but there is parking for those who need it.

Wednesday 14th November

The Paul Pry

Fantastic locally brewed beer in this quirky triangular-shaped old pub. Worth a visit just for the wonderful interior tiles and bar architecture, but the beer, food and atmosphere will have you wanting to stay and come back regularly. Now owned by the Pope family who are Pope's Brewery.

Wednesday 24th October 2018

The Chestnut Tree

Chosen by Maggie, we haven't been there for a while and it's a good pub on the city side of the river.

Wednesday 26th September 2018

The Bush, St. John's

We haven't done the Bush for a long time. It's been through many landlords but is an important St. John's pub that deserves a visit. Has good beer - Cannon Royall if memory serves.

Cap and Gown

Wednesday 12th September 2018

The Cap and Gown

Down on the Tything serving Hook Norton beers, it's been a while since we've visited this pub.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

The Crown at Hallow

Haven't been there for a while as a group. This is a great dining pub a little way out of town on the St. John's side, and hopefully still a good drinking pub too.

Wednesday 8th August 2018

The Anchor

The Anchor at Diglis has been improving over the years we've been going there and is now quite the gastro venue. At this time of year we favour the beer garden.

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Bentley's Birthday Barbecue Bash

Mike is going to be 60 and has declared this Wednesday "Bentley Day". We shall be meeting at the Bull Baiters for a pint and then retiring to chez Bentley for a barbecue in a departure from the "drink beer in pub" routine. Happy Birthday Mike.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

The Berkeley Arms

Under new management and only recently re-opened, this week's pub is the Berkeley, over at Spetchley. Near to the Nightingale if that helps. The Berkeley Arms Evesham Rd, Spetchley, Worcester WR7 4QL

Wednesday 9th May 2018

Oil Basin Brewery

What is this madness? A NEW place? Yes. It's one of those cool microbrewery/pubs. Situated where that expensive wine bar used to be on Copenhagen street. It's tiny and serves some interesting beers. Copenhagen St, Worcester WR1 2HB

Wednesday 25th April 2018

The Miller's Arms, Pershore

A bit further afield this week for one of our occasional visits to Pershore. The Miller's Arms is on Bridge Street and we've enjoyed a drink there before. An opportunity for our (at least) 3 Pershore members.

Wednesday 11th April 2018

The Talbot

A pub charmingly described on Google thus: "Pub with framed pictures on wood-panelled walls, a pool table, a beer garden and TVs for live sport." Technically in Barbourne but really just a bit further down the Tything. WR1 1HT for those who need this sort of info.

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Whitehall Inn at Rushwick

A slightly off-the-beaten-track pub, but a pleasant one. The address is Bransford Road, Rushwick, WR2 5TA

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Ye Olde Talbot

First chosen pub of 2018 is the Old Talbot just outside the Vue Cinema, corner of Friar Street and College Street. Mr. Bentley's choice.

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

The Maltster

Situated on the Cornmarket (for easy parking) this old pub was formerly known as Bar 12. We've been there I think, once before, but not been for a while.

B.A.T.H. Night Special

Balaclava, Agincourt, Trafalgar, Halloween.

Wednesday 25th October 2017

The Fox at Monkwood Green

We did it last year and it was a great success. We're doing it again. BATH Night - a kit night with sausages laid on by the affable landlord David. Minibus leaves The Brewers Arms, St. John's at 7.30. Leaves the Fox at 11. If you haven't yet done so, let Maggie E-J know you want to come. At time of going to press there were three seats left. It's a great little pub, out in the sticks. You can easily make your own way there if it suits.

Wednesday 13th September

Imperial Tavern

On St. Nicholas Street in the centre of town, it's not been open much over a year in its current form, having been the Met Bar and even the Woo Woo bar. Back now as a proper real ale pub with great beer and pleasant interior.

Wednesday 30th August 2017

The Monkey House

This is an old cider house and it's a bit of a trip out, off towards Pershore, but should be worth it. Maybe we can phone around and liftshare. Here's the address: Woodmancote, Defford, Pershore WR8 9BW

Wednesday 9th August 2017

The Portobello

On Bransford Road in St. John's. We've been there before, amusingly during some sort of over-50s singles night when various members of the group were offered interesting opportunities. Well... our Wednesdays are rarely dull.

Wednesday 26th July 2017

The Swan at Newland

You've passed it a million times even if you haven't been there. Lovely pub right on the road between Powick and Malvern. A first for Worcester Re-enactors.

Wednesday 27th June 2017

The Diglis Hotel

A great venue for a hot day. And it WILL still be hot by next Wednesday, honest. Out in the garden, by the river with some good ales. Pretty much as posh as we get in WR.

Wednesday 10th May 2017

The Red Lion at Powick

A little off the beaten track (i.e. a drive) but an old favourite. Head out of Worcester towards Malvern and you can't miss it.